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Ngozi Cadmus

CEO & Founder of Frontline Therapist

Ngozi is a British Nigerian Psychotherapist, Social Worker and Business Strategist. She overcame depression and suicidality to become a leading Mental Health and Leadership Expert with over 15 years of experience in the Mental Health sector. She has sectioned hundreds of BAME individuals and thus is fully acquainted with the unique barriers that Black Asian and Mixed-heritage individuals face in the mental health system.

Ngozi is the CEO & Founder of Frontline Therapist, an affordable and accessible culturally sensitive online counselling service that targets Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Individuals but isn’t limited to all Individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds nationwide. Additionally, Ngozi is the CEO & Founder of Frontline Coaching, a Data-driven Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, and well-being consulting firm, Mental Health therapy and leadership coaching to BAME professional talent.

Her passion is such that she is currently undertaking her doctoral research project into the success determinants of Black Woman Leadership across all sectors.


Ngozi Spoke on DEI In Public Health: Strategizing toward balanced mental health

Ngozi Cadmus
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