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Kobena-Marcus J. Collins

Executive Recruiter & Principal Consultant

Kobena-Marcus J. Collins is a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging professional holding several certifications in DEI, Marketing, and Leadership, two degrees, and a lifetime of experience. Kobena has been an advocate for DEIB professionally since 2008, working diligently to help create environments where everyone can have a place of psychological safety and feel supported to achieve their highest potential.

Kobena is and has always been a servant leader. As his career in the recruitment space blossomed, he became a leader in the Diversity Recruitment space, and in 2015, he built his national brand as a strong relationship manager, developer, and DEIB professional. He has been featured in many podcasts/vodcasts, sharing his knowledge and experience with the world, including Uplifting Impact, C3EB Summit 2020, and Seen@Work.

Kobena has held numerous positions in numerous organizations over the past decade, including leading as a part of the foundation building of the Diversity and Inclusion efforts for Kohl’s Corporate Offices, where his work impacts 100K+ associates. Most recently, because of Kobena’s brand of service, leadership, and diverse experiences, Kobena was appointed as a member of the Board of Commissioners for the City of Milwaukee by the Mayor of Milwaukee.

Kobena is also a community speaker/ advocate and a proud member of Alpha Phi AlphaFraternity, Inc.

Kobena-Marcus J. Collins
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