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Olamide Williams

Brand Coach

I am the sickest content writer you would ever meet.

The only writer that can humanize your brand because I know your target audience's pain points and I exploit their vulnerability to your advantage and theirs too.

I started creating content for brands because I wanted to help my boss generate more sales for the company.

He had a marketing consultant but the little or no results he consistently got were beginning to frustrate the entire business.

I began by writing creative sales copy for our social media flyers and compelling captions for different posts.

I sent emails to leads and added prospective clients to a Whatsapp group where I periodically send them educational yet actionable sales scripts that closed deals every time.

I was able to develop the brand voice in a tone that resonates with the audience and the company began to boom again until I started my 1st-year examination in Medical School.

I then realized that over 70 leads generated did not translate to sales because they stopped getting follow-up messages to prompt them to take action.

However, I resumed back to salvage the situation and we generated over 100 leads more, this time a reasonable percentage translated into sales.

I remember a particular competitor saw one of our flyers and was moved to commend such great content. The Webinar scripts began to drive more engagements and gained the rapt attention of our prospects.

In 2020, I wrote the entire sponsorship proposal for the Mediapreneur conference that raked in over #200,000 Naira in a recession year and that's not even the sickest thing.

The sickest thing is that I launched another fundraiser for Mediapreneur Conference in 2021 and that raked in over #500,000 Naira in less than 2 months.

Your brand can also enjoy this many conversions if you will let me. Will you?

Asides from being a strategic content writer that is interested in doubling your conversation and engagements. I am ;

🌹A Brand Strategist

🌹A Growth Advocate

🌹 and A Corporate event manager.

+234 813 365 9873

Olamide Williams
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