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Olalekan Ibrahim

Career Coach

Olalekan is a Prolific Resume and Cover Letter Writer. He takes pride in adding to people's career success stories by elucidating their strengths, value prepositions, and achievements in the best possible manner to resonate with decision-makers in organizations, thus giving professionals the desired results. Besides his proficiently honed competence, he is a LinkedIn Strategist.

He advises would-be professionals, job seekers, and existing top-level executives on personal brand positioning to thrive in the job market search and be sought-after. He does those above by optimizing and polishing their LinkedIn profiles for better visibility to recruiters and more beneficial results.

To cap it, Olalekan is a Job Search Specialist, making him an all-rounder career go-to Expert. He gives his clients an edge against other candidates, capitalizing on his broad background in recruiting and career space to proffer informed advice.

Olalekan has helped individuals attain their career goals regardless of professional cadre, whether

entry-level, mid-career, or senior-level. His approach to getting the job done is unique for every service he provides. Olalekan takes his time to understand his clients' backgrounds through conversation and administration of questionnaires containing insight-revealing questions about the client's strengths and accomplishments, to name a few.

He takes his time to research deeply for a full understanding of his client's background, industry, value and strengths, and capitalizes on his writing capacity and special knowledge to curate a succinct, concise, powerful, ATS-compliant, professional summary that not only passes when screened with Anti-Tracking Systems, catches hiring managers attention but also prompt recruiters to schedule an interview.

Olalekan also highlights skills based on relevance and showcases clients' accomplishments

along their career trajectories quantitatively to pass the right message. He carefully overhauls the work experience section to align with interested job openings and enable clients' resumes to resonate with hiring managers. He also does this for cover letters and LinkedIn profiles to get desired results.

In his 7+ years satisfying a diverse cadre of individuals to attain career goals such as seamless career transition, promotion, and growth, he has delivered over 1000 result-yielding Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profiles combined. Olalekan acts as Subject Matter Expert on job searches. His works transcend beyond one industry, a country, or a continent. He has piloted the achievement of career goals of professionals in diverse fields ranging from engineering, accounting, finance, etc., and based in several countries and continent such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany, Asia, Africa amongst others. A test of Olalekan's capabilities is partially reflected in his 5-star positive feedback from over 500 clients he proffered services to via freelance platforms.

+234 810 815 7740

Olalekan Ibrahim
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