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Florence Idowu

Life Coach

Florence Idowu is the Chief Talent Strategist and CEO of Bavarde Talent Solutions, with a Market presence in the United States, Europe, and Africa. She serves as an In-house and External Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Business Partner with Small and Medium-sized organizations, bringing over ten years of experience and expertise in Recruitment & Staffing, Organization Design & Development, HR Transformation, Team Alignment, People Analytics, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

In recent years, Florence has positioned herself as a strategic leader and business partner with organizations in ways that connect and empower her and her team to solve business problems by leveraging innovative strategies with integrated technologies visible in her practices. She is indeed a Talent Strategist, not just in her title.

As a DEI Consultant, Florence developed the capacity to guide organizations in augmenting their DEIB policies and strategies by providing tactical training, implementing challenging initiatives, and encouraging them to embrace the ever-changing world. Also, she is the Founder and Moderator of DEIB Small Talk, a Vodcast & Live Series housing over 1000+ Diversity and Inclusion Experts as speakers for each series, and another Vodcast called Talent & Business, bringing together Diverse Leaders in Business.

Outside her daily work, Florence volunteers with various organizations. She served in the Amazon@Warriors Affinity group as a Board Member, at the University of Sunderland, as a Professional Mentor, and in Jeremiah Program, as a Professional Mentor and DEI Committee Member. She is currently serving on three Advisory Boards.

Florence is the current Director of Human Engagement and Experience with Helpful Engineering, a global innovation ecosystem engineering open solutions nonprofit organization.

Florence holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Linguistics with a focus on institutionalized discourses from Lagos State University, Nigeria, a CORe from Harvard Business School, and an ongoing MBA & Social Entrepreneurial from Hult International Business School.

+1 612-450-4691

Florence Idowu
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