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Career Restrategizing Conference 2023

In the midst of layoffs and fewer jobs, everyone fights to get their desired jobs or promotions. But, without the right strategy, you fail.

Career Restrategizing  Conference 2023
Career Restrategizing  Conference 2023

Time & Location

Mar 31, 2023, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM CDT


About the Event

Welcome to Bavarde Consulting & Management first quarter of 2023 career Conference. 

Bavarde Consulting & Management is presenting a yearly Career Re-strategizing conference with a highlight on "Resume Live Check" to help various underrepresented communities and individuals.  This is a conference with over 20 speakers with various sessions involved.  

You can view our agenda on our website Website -  And on Eventbrite to view both the agenda and the assigned speakers.  Eventbrite -  Sessions at our conference are divided into four groups 

1. Panel (General) Sessions 

2. Exclusive Interviews 

3. Workshops 

4. Round Table Discussion  

Favorite Asked Questions (FAQ)  

1. Who is this program for?

This conference is for job seekers, career changers, career transitioners, and laid-off victims who are BIPOC or underrepresented in any way. This conference is also for Recruiters, Hiring Managers, HR Leaders, and Business Owners or Leadership who are looking for new ways to recruit, educate the public on diversity recruiting and hiring, and are interested in the future of work in recruitment.  

2. Why this conference? 

With the increase of layoff victims in today's job market and the difficulty of job seekers finding jobs, Bavarde Consulting & Management is organizing this conference to provide new strategies on how our target audience can restrategize and improve their current situations. We hope to help equip job seekers with new ways to improve their personal brand and ultimately get a job, help Hiring Managers understand the essence of diversity hiring and recruiting, and finally strategize on the future of work in recruitment.  

3. Where will the conference be held? 

The conference is held virtually and will be broadcast on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms of our choice. However, this conference will be aired on Zoom. There will be breakout sessions where our audience can engage Recruiters and Professional Resume Writers closely, especially during the Resume Live Check session.   

4. When will the conference be held? 

We understand the difference in time zones which is why we suggest and advise all participants to register on LinkedIn or through Eventbrite. Our Website is also open for registration.  

5. Will there be opportunities to network? 

Every participant is allowed to network and introduce themselves without being pitchy.  

6. I will like to have my resume reviewed, what are the processes? 

To have your resume reviewed, you have to submit your resume prior to the program. Please fill out this form:  Disclaimer: Due to the large volume, we may not be able to review all resumes but those selected will be reviewed online and our reviewers will provide insights on the best way to tailor and present your resume to enhance and increase your chances of success in interviews.  

7. What if I experience technical issues? 

If you ever experience technical issues during the conference, please contact our support team at or


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