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John Lullen

Manager of Marketplace Diversity Solutions - Technology Enablement

John Lullen is a Manager of Marketplace Diversity Solutions (MDS) at TEKsystems where he helps recruit and retain qualified candidates from historically marginalized populations for his clients.

John understands the lack of diversity in the technology industry which kindled his interest in filling this gap. He is passionate about moving the inclusion and diversity needles in IT to make it more equitable for all.

In his role at TEKsystems as the Manager of Marketplace Diversity Solutions, he helps overcome talent obstacles by helping TEKsystems’ clients attract and retain people from historically marginalized populations in equitable and inclusive ways through intentional relationships.

By aiding organizations in diversifying their talent pipelines, John drives positive impacts in technology communities to create opportunities for people from all walks of life.

Throughout his nine-year tenure at TEKsystems, John has been a Technical Recruiter, Account Manager, Operational Leader, and Marketplace Diversity Leader.

John Lullen
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