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Amber Murat

VP of People, IAB

Amber is the Vice President of People at IAB & IAB Tech Lab. She stepped into the role in May 2022, overseeing the organization's human resource functions, including culture, diversity, inclusion, and all people-focused initiatives.

Amber is an Equity Designer, a People Strategist, and an Authentic People & Culture leader. Amber joined IAB with 15 years of experience; in Human Resources leadership roles within nonprofit, mission-driven organizations. She brings a unique mix of human resources, executive coaching, and thought leadership expertise.

Amber is also the CEO & Founder of iLvLUP Daily, the one-of-a-kind Mindset Liberation Method that empowers high-achieving women to liberate themselves from the achievement cage and guides them toward activating new ways of being and thinking.

She holds a master's degree in Human Resources Development from Fordham University, a senior professional human resources designation, and multiple professional coaching certifications from iPEC & IIN. In 2020, Disruptor Magazine named Amber one of the Top 30 Life Coaches to Look Out For in 2021.

Amber Murat
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